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     Qingdao German Asahi Industries Limited is set construction, machinery manufacturing, trade integration in the enterprise. The company is located in Qingdao Huangdao District waterfront industrial park, covering 50 acres, plant production area of ​​4000 square meters, with a total investment of 80 million yuan. Currently under the Engineering Division (drilling, blasting, municipal engineering), Rubber Machinery Division (bead circumference measuring machines, automatic cylinder tube machine, automatic molding machine, tube fittings automatic bagging machine, capsule curing machine),Road surface shot blasting machine.

    Engineering Division

    Founded in 2011, the predecessor of Huangdao wells team, has many years of exploration drilling history, we have consistently improved in recent years, the level of skilled workers, with three technicians, managers, 6, hundreds of employees. The company has the industry's most advanced drilling equipment, has extensive experience in construction; committed to ground-source heat pump systems engineering, water well water conservancy project construction work, undertake various types of drilling and pile foundation construction nearly a hundred.

     First, deep construction depth 10-500 meters, specializing in corporate, agricultural services.

     Second, the construction of precipitation engineering, excavation and other services.

     Third, the ground source heat pump drilling, down tube, pressure test, backfill, pipe connections, a follow-up to the well protection.

     Rubber Machinery Division

    Companies adhering to the technology to revitalize the idea to build R & D and manufacturing of integrated platform for process control machinery manufacturing industry, common technical and management problems, systematic, engineering research and technological development. And provide quality system for the service sector, the effectiveness of the products and solutions.

     New product development as the main business, developing new products, currently there are motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, cycle tire, ATV tires, automatic molding machine, bead measuring instrument, tubeless pneumatic cylinder automatic machines, vacuum tube machines, tube packaging machines, packaging machines tube fittings; automatic capsule vulcanizer; motorcycle, bicycle tire tread compound extrusion lines; film cooling line; automatic weighing equipment and other materials; and also production and operation of common rubber machinery equipment.

    Company to meet market demand responsibility, innovation and technology as a starting point, with customers to establish integrity management, and common development, mutual benefit and win-win strategic partnership. Providing customers with quality products and services, and provide a strong technical and management support.

    Germany Asahi mechanical warmly welcome friends come to visit, guidance, exchanges and cooperation!